Vendor Agreement In Italiano

16.2 Full agreement. This agreement represents the entire agreement and replaces all previous agreements between you and Zendesk regarding the purpose of this contract. This Agreement applies in place of the terms of an order or other market documents that you or any entity you represent (all of these conditions are null and void) and, if expressly stated, there are no other agreements, assurances, guarantees or obligations that any of the parties may avail themselves of with respect to the purpose of this Agreement. There is no oral commitment, conditions, submissions, agreements, interpretations or conditions of any kind between the parties, unless expressly provided for. The titles used in this document are merely simple and do not affect the interpretation of the terms of this agreement. If a provision of this Agreement is found to be unlawful, non-feasible or unenforceable for any reason, that provision is considered to be dissociable from these Terms and Conditions and does not affect the validity and applicability of the other provisions. This agreement, together with the EPA`s use agreement and the APUK use agreement, constitutes the whole agreement between the parties with respect to services and the purpose associated with them, and replaces all previous or concurrent agreements and agreements, written or public. ”Product Information Required,” for each of your products in connection with a particular Amazon website (except to the extent that is not expressly required by applicable guidelines): (a) description, including site availability and options, planning policies and service cancellation policies; (b) SKU and EAN/UPC numbers and any other identifying information that Amazon can reasonably request; (c) information on the status and availability of inventory, shipping restrictions or requirements, and shipping information (in accordance with Amazon`s occasionally prescribed categorizations); (d) the categorization within each Amazon product category and the browser structure prescribed from time to time by Amazon; (e) the scanned image that accurately represents only your product, that meets all of Amazon`s image policies, and does not contain additional logos, texts or other marks; (f) the purchase price; (g) shipping and processing costs (according to our standard functionality); (h) texts, exclusions, warnings, notices, labels or other content that must be posted under applicable legislation in relation to the offer, merchandising, advertising or sale of your product; (i) for the seller`s requirements or other conditions applicable to such a product and which a customer should know before purchasing the product; j) brand; (k) model; l) the size of the product; m) weight; (n) a delineated list of technical specifications; (o) SKU and EAN/UPC numbers (and other identifying information that we can reasonably request) for accessories related to your product available in our catalogue; (p) the state or country from which your products are shipped; and (q) all other information that is reasonably requested from us (for example. B the condition of used or obsolete products).